samedi 7 juin 2008

Life is so Hard

Hi all

I am a man of 33 years, living as husband and wife, 3 children.

I have a fairly strong dépréssion because I lived in the past 3 years following the events in my life:

-- Death of my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother.
-- My father is very ill, recently amputated the right leg, he also loses little by little head ...
-- My daughter had cancer of the lymph nodes and is currently in remission but it's hard ...
-- My friend drinks on the sly (I think it is alcoholic but I am not on).

So in three years ca is already not bad but it does not s'arrette there ... I am indeed what we can call a chronically unlucky ... and now it is I who am in poor health since September 2006 that I do sepsis caused by a germ Strep A. Placed in intensive care, I then underwent 21 operations on his right leg which was to go gangrenner, the leg was saved but my foot is in equinisme established (strained foot still not practical to walk).

Thanks to a funny site on hard life I can keep the smile !

I got out of the hospital 3 months ago after then 1 month and 6 months coma hospital, and I am currently looking for a rehabilitation centre for my equinisme also being set for me to make shoes for remarcher, because I am the last 6 months in a wheelchair, the total healing that has occurred recently.

21 operations but also 3-week coma caused (to avoid suffering and keep me alive, otherwise I would be dead dixit doctors or hospital I was in resuscitation), and also to complete the table I chopé pneumonia nosocomial ... and there I really failed to stay there.

Since I came out and I'm home, I should get better in expectation of my rehabilitation, but several wiping refusal to rehabilitation centres, I begin to see life in black. I have more Tocs consecutive choppé of my coma it seems, toc household and storage.

Of course I sleep 15 hours a day, I m'alimente the minimum, I have no moral ... and I am still under morphine. There are 10 days so I decided to tell my doctor that I did not go well and I thought that even suicide. It put me under Prozac and Xanax (generic). I began to feel a little better (in fact, I write on this forum thing I would clearly not made 15 days ago, I foutant any), so a slight improvement but is not yet ca.

I think when I found a center for réeduc me remuscler me my shoes and teach me to remarcher with all will be better also in my head. It is not easy to live permanently at home and not be able to get out (yes I have the misfortune to live in a very strong symbol impossible to go back to chair), and bequillage fatigue enormément me even if I to do regularly.

I went on this site which is hilarious and this site is so funny ! OMAGAD !

This is just my story... I think I really need to talk, entrust me, I see new things ... life is really cruel ...

J'espere find people who speak with whom to exchange ... why not me make friends .... I know more or I admit I am ... any more ...

And I think more and more to death and it is not good ...